Kevin Volo:

Just heard about Adhawk this morning and thought this would be a good article to get out.

Originally posted on VentureBeat:


With the Republican National Convention starting today in Tampa, the 2012 election enters its most intense phase. Thanks to our smartphones and social networks, there have never been more ways to get information on the candidates and events of the season.

Through social networks and mobile apps, you can watch live-streams from the conventions, read news, brush up on the issues, play trivia, donate, and volunteer. It can be a little overwhelming, but that’s how it is when we have access to so many virtual channels.

Both Romney and Obama have released official apps for their campaigns. I’m only including Obama’s mobile app on this list because Romney’s two apps, With Mitt and Mitt’s VP, are incredibly limited. “With Mitt” lets you take a picture of yourself or someone else, add a Romney stencil, and post it on social networks. (The app became famous for misspelling America as “Amercia.”)…

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