– An Amazing Screencasting Site

Standard is a very handy web-based application that allows you to instantly create screen casts using its website as the main interface.

The pieces that make this site very interesting are:

  1. Ability to export/download video to MP4 file.
  2. Seamlessly upload video to
  3. Updated Embed code that allows your videos to be played on Ipods and Ipads.
  4. Quick and easy social media buttons that allow you to share your video with many sites.

This is a great web-based application that I will be using on a full-time basis. The videos are clear and in HD, and sound great.

After you have exported them to you can easily add them to Angel as in the previously posted video, “Two Ways to Add Video to Angel”

Watch the video tutorials below to learn more about how to use! – PART 1.


Here are some screen shots of what happens after you hit “Publish”. I couldn’t show this in the video because I was actually using screenr to make the tutorial. Home Page. You can start a recording from two places on the page. Recording Window. This is the window you use to compose your screencast. It has some preset sizes, or you can click on the sides and corners to make the window any size you like. You hit the record button and you then have a total of 5 minutes to create your video. Publishing Window. When you have finished your video you are brought to the Publish screen. Here you can enter a description and click publish. The video is uploaded to Screenr’s site for viewing and a host of other things. You can also delete the cast if you don’t care for it. Watch part 2 below to see the tools available to you once you have published your screen cast. – PART 2. After Publishing Video


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