How to Use Elluminate for Live Web-Based Teaching


So what is Elluminate? I’ve found that many instructors  know what it is and how to use it, and many that don’t. So I thought that this would be a great topic for the blog.

Elluminate is a web-based tool that allows participants to meet in a virtual classroom.
Features include:

  • Chat
  • Full teleconferencing abilities (audio and video)
  • Virtual whiteboard with tools
  • Application sharing – share desktops
  • Record your class for later playback
  • Easy to use links for course access
  • Polling options for quick and easy feedback – like a clicker
  • Breakout rooms for team collaboration

Getting Started for Faculty

How to Setup an Elluminate Live! Session – Link to PDF Version

(Click the FULL SCREEN button on the right bottom corner to make the movie larger)

Running a Session as a Moderator (Instructor)

Scheduling an Elluminate Session is just the first stage. You need to know how to navigate the Elluminate environment. It’s not difficult, but if you have not used Elluminate before, you will need to watch the video below on how to moderate a class.

How to be a Moderator in Elluminate Live! This link will open an actual RECORDED Elluminate Live! Session. It may take up to 30sec. There are more tutorials HERE.

Required equipment/software:

  • Computer
  • Internet connection (broadband)
  • Noise canceling headset with microphone – can be ordered through the bookstore if you wish. (the internal computer mic and speakers will cause excessive noise and echo problems but can be used
  • Current version of Java

Getting students up to speed on using Elluminate.

How a Student Navigates an Elluminate Live Session This link will open an actual RECORDED Elluminate Live Session. It may take up to 30sec. There are more tutorials HERE.

How do students connect to a scheduled Elluminate Live! Session?

As show in the graphic (below) and in the video, students access an Elluminate session through Angel under the Communicate link. There is then a tab labeled Elluminate Live!. There the students can click on the name of the session and be brought to it.

Elluminate Sessions are scheduled in Angel, but the actual class session takes place outside of Angel. Elluminate is a web-based virtual classroom. Once the student is online and has opened their browser (ex. Firefox), use the link sent by the instructor to begin the Java program and open the virtual classroom window.

Using it in the Classroom

This is really up to the instructor such as, are you going to schedule a session per week or just once during the semester. There are challenges to teaching a lesson while staring at your computer screen and not at a classroom full of students. Look for more posts in the near future on ways you can use Elluminate in your class. This would be a great post to get some comments on from faculty on how they use Elluminate.


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