Picture Tagging Web App


The site makes it easy to add tags to images on your blog or web site. As an instructor you could add video, text, or site links to an image giving it more depth. For example, a science teacher could upload an image of the moon and tag regions and landmarks on it’s surface that the class is studying. They could add tags to video of the moon landing, interviews with the astronauts or anything that fit the lesson.

Take a look at the videos below to see how easy it is to use this free web-based app.

ThingLink Part 2 – Adding your tagged image to Angel

This was sent to me by a representative of ThingLink.

Hi Kevin,

We do. Sign up for a Plus account at a 67% educational savings.
Use coupon code TLEDU.  The account will be discounted to about $20 a year.

The free account is limited 10 photos total.

Please share your work…tweet your images for other educators.
#edchat #edtech 



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