Vimeo Video School


I use a lot in my classes. It’s an alternative video sharing site and unlike, it attracts mostly professional photographers and higher-end amateurs.

So for example, when I’m working on an assignment concerning different storytelling documentary styles I go to Vimeo and search through their documentaries for examples that work for me. I then play them in class and we discuss them. I also embed them into my Angel class shell so the students can refer back to them. below is an example of the type of quality videos you can find on Vimeo.



Great How-To and Educational Videos
In addition to great videos, Vimeo also produces educational videos that cover a range of video related topics. From camera basics to advanced DSLR video production. Below are a couple of their basic 101 classes that are good to check out when starting with video. You can find more at their main “school” area on their site.

Cameras Choices

Shooting Basics

Link to SUNYIT Vimeo Channel where students and I post work.


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