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Well the change to Pinterest’s usage policy changed almost as fast as the site is growing. I’ve posted some articles about Pinterest and how their usage and copyright policies had made many people worried, to the point of deleting their accounts. The first article I read on the topic was from Jeff Dunn over at EDUDEMIC titled, “The Reason I Just Deleted My Pinterest Account“. After that a series of articles around the web started talking about Pinterest’s usage policies.

The fantastic thing is that they listened to their users. They saw there was a problem and tried to fix it. The new policy is a work in progress as a I believe it will change again as the site evolves. But the main concern, that users can be sued for pinning someones copyrighted work without citation, has been “fixed”. What will happen now is similar to what occurs on YouTube when a user posts copyrighted material. The user gets an email from YouTube, the video gets pulled, no harm, no foul. YouTube has the luxury of having an amazing system in place for determining if a uploaded file has copyrighted material in it, Pinterest will rely on a copyright holder contacting them with a complaint. If you have to many complaints and pulled images, your account gets canceled.

But will that happen. Will a print maker or photographer file a complaint. If a user downloads someones image and manipulates it and tries to pass it off as theirs, I would think so. But it would seem to me that like Facebook, artists and business can only be helped with millions of people looking at pictures that link back to their sites. I have bought 2 products and 1 poster from images I have re-pinned since I started using Pinterest. As long as the pinner isn’t saying they created the work or change it, why would an artist or business not want the free advertising?

Below are some great articles on the changes of Pinterest’s new policy. One of interest is an update from Jeff Dunn where he states he will start using Pinterest again, reversing his stance after that first article last month.

Why I’ll Start Using Pinterest Again After April 6th
Pinterest Updates Privacy Policy, Terms of Service

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