More Space for DropBox Users!


I’ve been used DropBox for over a year now, but only really got serious about it after I lost yet another USB stick that I just bought and loaded with files. I vowed that I would move myself over to the cloud and stop carrying around these little drives that I seem to leave everywhere but in my bag.

DropBox is a pretty powerful cloud system that allows you to not only upload files to cloud storage, it also allows you to sync files from your cloud to all your computers. You can also share folders with other people and they can upload work to the shared folder or folders. For example, I teach a photojournalism class and I created a folder called HU144_Photojournalism. All my students got DropBox accounts, which are free, and they upload their images to it. We then view them in class via the computer.

The ability to sync files over many computers is one of my favorite features. On my home computer I sync my TEACHING folder. In that folder I have all my class presentations, lectures, assignments, syllabi, and other items I may need for classes. When a document in that folder is changed or updated it gets synced with the file in the cloud. Now for the cool part. On my work computer, laptop, and Ipad I have the DropBox application loaded. Once you load the DropBox application, it syncs with your cloud account and creates a DropBox folder on that machine, and downloads all your synced files to that computer. If I edit a file in the TEACHING folder on my work machine it gets synced with the cloud and all the other computers I have DropBox loaded on. Of course you don’t need to add the application to your computer, you can also access all your files via

It’s free and the cool thing is they just upped how much space a free account can earn. I say earn because you start out with 2 gig. Then you refer people, when those people sign up with the link you give them, you get more space. Very clever really. Well the great thing is they just upped the amount of free space you can earn. It used to be 8gig. You earned 250meg from each person you referred. Now they bumped up you free limit to 16gig and you receive 500meg from each referral. So check out DropBox, its a great tool for streaming your work flow and collecting files from students and colleagues.

I got this email from DropBox Saturday night:

Hi Kevin,
You can now earn twice as much free space by inviting your friends!
For each friend that installs Dropbox, you’ll both get 500 MB of free space. You can earn up to 16 GB.

Invite your friends now!

Thanks for spreading the Dropbox love,
– The Dropbox Team

P.S. Already invited a bunch of people? Don’t worry! You’ll get credited for all of them.


So now when I refer people via a link DropBox gives me (or you with your account) I get 500gig. And as someone once said, that’s a good thing.

From the Dropbox blog:

Today, we’re really happy to announce that we’ve doubled the amount of free space you get for inviting friends to Dropbox!

How much space is that, exactly? For every friend you invite that installs Dropbox, you’ll both get 500 MB of free space. If you’ve got a free account, you can invite up to 32 people for a whopping total of 16 GB of extra space. Pro accounts now earn 1 GB per referral, for a total of 32 GB of extra space. Have you already invited a bunch of people? Don’t worry. Within a few days, you’ll get full credit for every referral that’s already been completed. Boom!

Once upon a time, we noticed that Dropbox spread fastest via word of mouth. We’ve always believed that sharing is caring, so we rolled out this referral program to make recommending Dropbox an even sweeter deal. Back then, we gave out only 250 MB per invite. Then we doubled the space for students for inviting friends, and they liked it so much we decided to give it to everyone!

Start referring your friends now.

Here’s a quick guide to getting the word out:

  • Import your email contacts – After you import your contacts, you can select which friends, family and coworkers to invite. In case you miss someone, you can always type in their email address. This also makes it super easy to share folders with them later.
  • Post to Facebook and Twitter – This lets you invite all your friends in one go.
  • Share your unique referral link – Anyone who installs Dropbox with your link will count toward your referrals. Use the link in emails, blogs, or whatever you’d like. Get creative!

Once you’ve invited your friends, you can check in on your referral status here, and encourage them to download and start using Dropbox.


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