Google Docs…What to do.








So I just read this interesting post and free ebook over on, about Google Docs. I respect the educator that runs the blog and so when I saw that he creates 90% of his documents in Google Docs, I started to ask myself if I should be using it more. Currently I use it very infrequently and really only to upload a file I may need to access somewhere else.

I do use DropBox quite a bit, but you don’t create content in DropBox, you just store it. Google docs lets you create papers, presentations, and even forms that can be used for simple tests that you can give your students. You can then share this content with others, or you can collaborate on it with whoever you invite.

So I decided to give it a trail run and use it exclusively for an upcoming summer mini I am teaching. I did start working on the syllabus in Word, but I just uploaded the paper to Google Docs, created a folder titled COM316, and edited the syllabus slightly to get the hang of the word processor in Google Docs. It was simple and easy.

So I’ll be creating all my assignments, presentations and whatever other digital handout I need directly in Google Docs and share them with my students in the Summer mini, which is an online class. If all goes well I’ll start using it for other classes and then maybe for all my word processing. There’s something nice about the file being right there when you need it, online, on any computer you have access to. True, you need to have internet access to get at your work, but I’m trying to remember when I was somewhere while I was working that I didn’t. The other benefit it that you can access your work through your Ipad or Ipod and update papers you are working on. No need to purchase and download Pages.

How do you use Google Docs?




One thought on “Google Docs…What to do.

  1. I use google docs a lot, especially presentations and spreadsheets. Two drawbacks: The document is missing outline mode, which is a key feature of MS Word. And, you can’t send your word outline to powerpoint — that is, no integration between documents and presentations, another drawback.

    I like being able to bring up presentations in my class that I’ve written on my laptop, and I especially like being able to share the links with my students.

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