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OK, maybe not all about it, not this post anyway. I am working on a much larger post to explain how to setup and use, but I am in the beginning stages of using this interesting piece of technology and want to understand it more.

Anyone with a Twitter or Facebook account can log-in and create a paper. provides you with easy to use tools to select your content. You choose your content streams and can create queries and searches based on Twitter users, #tags, keywords, Facebook, your own Twitter timeline, Google+ users, RSS feeds and more.

So your paper is created from the search criteria you set. There are other ways to mark content you would like to see in your paper, but that I’ll leave for a different post.

Here is the paper that I am working on. I say working on because, like I said, I’m in the learning stages of how to search for the right keywords and how they appear. Its not hard, but I think to create a paper that has everything in it you want, you need to tweak it a bit.

My Paper – Digital Life


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