Prometheus, Social Marketing At Its Best- SUNYIT TECH TUESDAYS


I’ve always been interested in marketing and have worked in several marketing departments in my career as a graphic designer. But mix marketing with social media and I’m all over it.

I’ve been following how FOX is marketing Ridley Scott’s new, and visually stunning film, Prometheus. I first became aware of the project from the tech site Mashable, when they posted a TED Talk video that was being delivered by the owner of Weyland Corporation in the year 2023. The viral video shows the lead actor, Guy Pierce, laying out his plans to make the world a better place, maybe. What does Weyland Corporation produce, just check out their site. It’s all part or the marketing campaign.

Using the backdrop of a TED Talk works on a couple levels, it shows that FOX definitely understands how the film’s demographic thinks and what they are into. I say they, but I could easily say me. We get the understanding that Prometheus is not just about technology, but how it affects us as people, because that is what TED is about. The viral video is backed up by a Weyland Corporation website that is crisp and futuristic.

Viral Ted Talk Video

Today Mashable posted a new video that gives us a glimpse at one of Weyland Corporation’s “products”. It is not delivered as a trailer, but as an ad from the Weyland Corporation for their David8 android. It’s creepy, and makes you want more. In addition to the new “commercial” for David8, FOX has taken out a full-page ad in The Wall Street Journal for the fictitious product. Again, not as an ad for the film, but as an ad for the product Weyland Corporation sells.

David8 Commercial

The Wall Street Journal Ad

I’ve never watched a trailer for this film, although I plan to after I post this, and I want to see it. I’ve tweeted about it, posted it on my Facebook page and pinned it on Pinterest. It’s a viral campaign that works. It doesn’t talk down to its market, but uses social media in a smart way.

The film’s social network reach includes a Facebook page, as well as official Twitter and YouTube accounts.


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