Use Google Drive…and here’s why.


Today I had an instructor call and ask for help. A student of her’s was in a jam. The USB drive he had his final project on was corrupt and the paper was gone. Luckily, she had printed out a hardcopy of his paper, but he still needed to do edits on the assignment. I was able to help out by scanning the hardcopy using Acrobat Pro’s “Scan to PDF” option that uses OCR which made it possible to copy and past the text into word so he could edit it. It wasn’t perfect, but with a bit of reformatting, it will save the student a lot of time.

So where does Google Drive fit in? Google drive, previously Google Docs is a cloud based storage system offered by Google for FREE. You get 5gig of space and can buy more if needed. I began using Google Drive after I misplaced, OK, lost a new USB drive with a lot of work on it. I said never again, and transfered all my work over to Drive.

For example, all my teaching and work documents are stored on my Google Drive. That means I can access them from any computer with a internet connection and also link them to Angel or share them across the web. I even store many of my freelance graphic design projects in my Google Drive. This way it is backed up in the cloud and I can work on it anywhere.

Eight Good Reasons for Instructors and Students to Us Google Drive

  1. Always have your files with you
  2. No more corrupt or lost USB drives
  3. No more compatibility issues (.doc, .docx, etc.)
  4. Work collaboratively and share documents with Angel, the web, and students
  5. You can still export and download google docs as PDF or Word files
  6. Work on your docs from any computer with internet access
  7. Have a safe secondary backup of your docs, loose a HD, not your data
  8. Because the cloud is the future of computing

What is Google Drive

Fantastic Google Drive Resource


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