Google Drive Just Got Better!


If you’ve read this blog you know I’m a huge Google Drive fan. The one thing that I have been really wanting though, is for Google to come out with a Drive App for iOS devices. Well, they have. 


You can now access all you Google Drive documents on you iPad, iPhone, pretty much any iThing you have, and Android devices.

The interface is clean and simple as you would expect. You can now create folders, move files and folders around and even create documents and edit them. However, you cannot edit word or text documents on your iPad unless you create them on the iPad or you converted them to google docs when uploading.

All of the sharing and collaboration tools are also available in the Google Drive App. So you can create a file on your mobile device, add collaborators and work together.

You cannot create presentations yet, but you can view them. I create all my presentations using Google Drive so this is a really big plus.

I’ll be posting video capture from my iPad tomorrow so you can see it in action. Until then watch the Google video below.

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