Wunderlist – A great way to manage you to-do list


I’ve been looking for a simple yet powerful to-do list for some time. I’ve played around with several and they have either been to complicated, ugly, or just clunky. Well I think I’ve finally found a winner in Wunderlist.

It’s interface is simple and clean. I can easily add new tasks and then easily remove them when they are completed, because really isn’t that supposed to be the point in a program like this.

You can create Lists where you can group your tasks, or just have them all collected in one “Inbox”.  Again, simple and to the point. But as simple as Wunderlist is, it still has some pretty cool tools under the hood. You can:

  • Add notes to tasks
  • Collaborate with friends and co-workers on tasks
  • Change the look of the app
  • Print your lists out
  • Share them with the cloud

The other thing that makes this app a winner is that its free for all mobile devices, Android, iOS, and can be downloaded to your Mac or PC. You can then sync your lists to any and all devices once you sign up for a free account.

Overall I’m very pleased with this to-do app. Now if you will excuse me, I see by looking at Wunderlist, I have a lot to do today.

Video From Wunderlist


2 thoughts on “Wunderlist – A great way to manage you to-do list

  1. I am a big fan of Wunderlist, have been using it since 2010ish. You know, what you should take a look at, Kevin? – Bitrix24. Essentially Bitrix24 is Yammer (social enterprise) plus BaseCamp (project management) plus Zoho (CRM) plus DropBox (file sharing and online doc management) and a few minor things (calendars, planners, work reports, gantt charts, etc) and it’ss 100% free to small companies (those with 12 employees or fewer).

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